Our mission

We help job seekers save time and challenge the traditional way of job search and hiring.

About Expresume

Our story

Expresume was initially just two students with a laptop and a desire to make resumes building easier, and showcase a job seeker's value to companies. Quickly, what was meant to be a hackathon project grew into a software startup and viable business. At first, Expresume's main focus was to store skills and experiences in a database, but slowly the scope grew and was able to focus more on using AI to articulate value in a resume.

Now, Expresume is working together with students to speed up the resume building process, and equip them with articulation skills, so they can land an interview.

Our Values


Building purpose driven leaders by bringing their technical skills and expertise to leverage it and create value.

We believe in your success and that big data can help you achieve the best results for your business, regardless of your field or target market.


Creating a nurturing community and connection with inclusive spaces. Bring your own personality and uniqueness.


Inspiring innovation and growing through collaboration. We stay curiosity and fail forward.


Cultivating a resilient and growth mindset. We are always learning and adapting.

Our Team


Co-Founder, CEO


Co-Founder, CPO

We believe in building human-to-human connections. We do this by connecting your identity to your career aspirations, connecting your brand to your employer's brand, and connecting your purpose to your community.